Eric Rock

Chief Executive Officer
Vivify Health, Inc.

Eric Rock is a serial innovator and successful entrepreneur, applying advanced technologies and human computer interaction to improve operational efficiencies in vertical markets. Rock has launched, grown and exited two highly successful software companies. His third and recent venture, Vivify Health, is the first connected health platform based upon cloud computing. The solution delivers an intuitive user experience, using consumer electronics, allowing patients to easily maintain their own health at home while remaining constantly connected with their providers, family and friends.

Prior to Vivify Health, Rock was the founder and chief technology officer of MEDHOST, where he introduced the first-ever touchscreen EMR for the healthcare industry. The solution includes a rich user experience with geographical visualization. Rock also delivered other innovations, including patient self-service kiosks, multi-touch data visualization (via Microsoft Surface) and an enterprise operational visibility engine (via Microsoft Silverlight). MEDHOST was successfully sold in early 2010. Prior to MEDHOST, Rock launched his first company and invented the first-ever table management system, ProHost, for the hospitality industry. The solution utilized geographical visualization and operational intelligence to streamline restaurant operations and reservations. ProHost was highly successful and ultimately acquired by